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Above: Lizz striking a pose in "Milo: Death Of A Supermodel"

Keep Lizz Winstead On The Air

On January 6, 1998, I made a serious decision that I never thought I would make in my entire life: to stop watching "The Daily Show".

I had to. It just wasn't the same without Lizz at the helm. She was The Daily Show. Not Craig Kilborn. Hell, if you got that annoying prick Gilbert Gottfried to host The Daily Show, I'd still watch it as long as Lizz is the head writer. But alas, she's not, so I guess I wouldn't have to endure the nightmare of Gilbert translating Lizz's jokes anyway...

The absence of Lizz is a great loss. Few may compare this loss to that of the Howard Stern radio show, where, ironically, their head writer, Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling, also left, no, not because Howard said Jackie would give him oral sex in a magazine interview, but because of contract negotiations gone wrong. Of course, Jackie's back now, though while I still found the Stern show funny during his absence, I missed Jackie's famous cackling. But I just couldn't manage to find "The Daily Show" funny without Lizz. It would break her heart, as well as mine. But imagine how quick Comedy Central acted by deleting her name from the "Daily Show" ending credits and their website. It's as if they're defending that worm, Craig Kilborn, who couldn't keep his foot in his mouth for three minutes. Will they revert to the ultimate insult and name a new head writer? Or perhaps continue its "Out At The Movies" segment with only that prancing over-the-top gay guy.

I won't know, because I won't be watching.

And so, on January 12, 1998, I formed to Committee to Keep Lizz Winstead On The Air (CTKLWOTA), and appointed myself its acting chairman. And my first act as its chairman was to send a letter to the Entertainment Presidents of the six major television broadcast networks. (That's right --- even WB, so you know this was a desperate situation.) I explained in the letter of the predicament she was in, and that a unique talent like hers should not be wasted. I did my job; now it's up to the networks. In the meantime, you may send any ideas, comments or questions regarding this organization to

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