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The Kevin Newnan Website:
Kevin is a comic who once opened for Lizz, as well as Adam Sandler. Visit his website.

KOAM.COM KOAM.COM: The #1 resource for Howard Stern on the Internet. Wanna give a shout-out to Kevin, who runs this site.

Mark's Friggin HS Stuff MARK'S FRIGGIN' HOWARD STERN SHOW STUFF: Another Howard Stern resource. Tied for 1st place.

Jackie Marlow JACKIE "THE JOKEMAN" MARTLING: Head writer for Howard Stern who sometimes likes to be called Marlowe. Gee, I wonder if putting a link to another head writer would be an insult to Queen Lizz...

Captain Janks CAPTAIN JANKS: The king of the cranks. Makes great phony phone calls. If you don't have the CD, or his "Scams O' Plenty" phony phone call collections, get them.

Austin Powers THE ULTIMATE AUSTIN POWERS PAGE: Yeah, baby! Oh, behave!

Bert Is Evil! BERT IS EVIL: The Sesame Street Muppet Unmasked!

Cybergrrl YVONNE THE WEBSTATION ANIMATOR: An okay chick. She likes Howard Stern AND Lizz Winstead. My kind of woman!!!


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