This is the home office of the Lizz Winstead Web Ring. If you have a Lizz-oriented web site, much like LIZZLAND, but even not as glitzy as LIZZLAND - okay, didn't mean to pat myself on the back there, this site is for ALL Lizz websites. You can join the ring on two conditions:

1. You have a Lizz Winstead web site
2. You must apply the ring fragment somewhere on the page.

Just follow all the simple instructions on this page. Also, since this ring is just starting to generate steam, and there's a handful of Lizz sites at this point, I might be nice enough to add you myself. Normally, other members vote you into the ring fragment. But if you want it, drop me a line.


Below is the form you need to fill out if you want to join the Lizz Winstead Web Ring.

Your page's URL:
Your page's title:
Your e-mail address:
(The password allows you to later edit your site information. Please do not forget it!)
If you have any problems, drop me a line.

Members of the Lizz Winstead Web Ring

  • Edit your site's attributes (URL, e-mail, password, etc.).
  • View the queue of the Lizz Winstead Web Ring sites.
  • View the index of the Lizz Winstead Web Ring sites.
  • Jump to a random Lizz Winstead Web Ring site.
  • Add someone to the ring.
Edit Your Site's Attributes

Due to these silly editors, if you really need your fragment, refer to your confirmation mail if you still have it. If all else fails, drop me a line. If you need the fragment to be added to the ring, view the source of this page and get find it there. BUT, be sure you put your stuff in the place of mine. (e.g. Replace the ID # of THIS LWWR site (ID=1) with YOUR ID #.)

Your new HTML will appear on your page like this:

The Lizz Winstead Web Ring

This Lizz Winstead Web Ring Site
is owned and operated by King Of All Lizz Winstead Fans.

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