KOALWF Strikes Again... On Howard Stern!

Wednesday, June 10, 8:55 a.m. - Howie Mandel is the guest. He is on Howard's show to plug his new talk show. (I give it four months.) I call up, and I use the question, "Will Howie fear Rosie O'Donnell in the talk show arena?" Stuttering John puts me on hold.
Howard puts me on the air about three or four minutes after he has just taken a couple of incompetent callers, and vowed he's "done taking calls", so I figured he'd never get to me, but I hung on anyway. Sure enough, Howard saw my question (I guess John puts it on a screen or something) and it gets Howard's attention. "Here's a real question...", Howard says, as he puts me on the air.
So here's what I say: "It's not fair how all these comics like Howie (Mandel) are going places in their careers, while Lizz Winstead, who needs the exposure the most, gets badmouthed in Esquire magazine by Craig Kilborn---"
At that point, Howard cut me off, saying, "What is he talking about?" You know how he hates callers like that, and I know, too, which is why I know not to take it personal if he hangs up on me; first of all, he does it to most of his callers, and secondly, he has a show to do. I figured as long as a comic was on the show at the time (one of THREE comics to appear on the show that week, not including Jackie), I'd state my case and let everybody know the situation.
That's not the first time I called Stern, however. (Nor only time will tell if it shall be the last...)
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