It's official: Howard is a loser... of money, that is. I had the common courtesy (and free time) of keeping track of the bets that Howard, Robin, Fred, Ralph, Gary, Tom Chiusano, Stuttering John, and Grillo over Super Bowl XXXII. And of the $750 that Howard bet for Super Bowl Sunday, he lost $625 of it! But Howard, don't feel that bad. Because gary bet $150 of the bets you guys made Friday... and didn't win ANY money on those bets! On a lighter note, Stuttering John turned out to be the big winner, as Ralph predicted. Here's the final results. Remember, all bets are $50 unless otherwise noted (underlined denotes winner):
COIN TOSS: HEADS (Howard, Ralph, Fred) vs. TAILS (John, Robin, Tom). The Packers called "Tails" and gained control of the start of the game. Imagine... Howard losing the coin toss!
FIRST TEAM TO SCORE: PACKERS (John, Robin, John*) vs. BRONCOS (Tom, Howard, Ralph). A TD by Antonio Freeman on the 8th play of the first drive gave the Pack the first lead. (*: John bet Tom and Ralph in separate bets on this one.)
PLAYER TO SCORE FIRST: EVEN OR ODD JERSEY: ODD (Howard, Tom, Gary) vs. EVEN (John, Robin, Ralph). Antonio Freeman wears #86.
ELWAY'S 1ST PASS: COMPLETE VS. INCOMPLETE: COMPLETE (Ralph) vs. INCOMPLETE (Howard). Denver's 1st 3 plays: 2 handoffs to 30 Davis, then a pass to the same guy, who was MVP, btw. Another sucker bet lost by the King.
HALFTIME LEAD: PACKERS (Howard, Gary) vs. BRONCOS (Tom, Ralph). Fortunately, Tom and Ralph were given 6 points. Unfortunately, for Howard, it didn't matter anyway; the Broncos led 17-14 at the half, which in the bet is 23-14.
EITHER TEAM SCORES 3 STRAIGHT TIMES: YES (Robin, Fred, Grillo) vs. NO(Howard, John, Ralph). Denver did it, with a TD pass to 30 Davis in the 1st quarter, then a rushing TD by 7 Elway after a GB turnover in the 2nd, and a FG by 1 Elam after another GB TO. (NOTE: this is the only bet John has lost!!!!!)
ANY TEAM SCORES LAST TWO MINUTES: PACKERS (Howard bet Robin and John on separate bets) vs. BRONCOS (Robin, John). Terrell Davis. 1:45 left. 3d TD. MVP. 'Nuff said.
TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPTED/EITHER TEAM: YES (Robin) vs. NO (Howard). YES!!! FINALLY! HOWARD WON A GODDAMN BET! WOO-HOO!!! However, it would be one of only TWO bets the King would win...
WILL PACKERS SCORE EVERY QUARTER?: YES (Fred, Ralph) vs. NO (Howard, Robin). GB score by quarter: 7, 7, 3, 7.
OVERALL SPREAD (Broncos +11 1/2 as of 1.25.98): PACKERS (Robin, Grillo) vs. BRONCOS (Tom, John). Final score: Denver 31, Green Bay 24, which, with the 11 1/2 points added, would be... oh, never mind.
TOTAL COMBINED POINTS (Over/Under 48 1/2 as of 1.25.98): OVER (Howard, John, Fred) vs. UNDER (Robin, Ralph, Tom). This would be the second and last bet Howard would win all night. btw, combined score of both teams is 55.
TOTAL PASS ATTEMPTS BY ELWAY (Over/Under 35 1/2): OVER (Howard, Gary, Ralph) vs. UNDER (Robin, Tom, Fred). Elway completed 12 of 22 passes. 22 is well under 35 1/2, don't you agree?
PACKERS VS. JORDAN: HIGHEST SCORE ON 1.25.98: Packers (Howard, Fred, Tom, Howard*) vs. JORDAN (Robin, John, Grillo, Ralph). Ironically, the Packers weren't the only favorite to be upset that day. Despite 32 points from Jordan, the Jazz beat 'em 101-94. But Jordan still scored 8 more than the Pack's 24 points. (*: Howard bet Robin and Ralph on separate bets.)
NON-GAME RELATED: ROBIN LOSES MOST MONEY: YES (Ralph bet two $25 bets with Howard and John) vs. NO (Howard, John). Okay, so Howard won another bet. Big deal. But it's not exactly a legit Super Bowl bet. Thank God for Ralph to come up with this bet or else Howard would have to bitch about not winning at least three bets.
NON-GAME RELATED: JOHN WINS MOST MONEY: YES (Ralph; $25) vs. NO (Howard). On Friday, after they made this bet, Howard emulated Ralph as saying, "Why did I make that bet?" But it's true. John, the Hero Of The Stupid, was a fool rollin' in dough, winning $425. And he only bet $475! Here's the final stats...
Name $ Bet $ Earned $ Lost
HOWARD $750 $125 $625
RALPH $575 $275 $300
ROBIN $550 $350 $200
JOHN $475 $425 $50
TOM CHIUSANO $400 $200 $200
FRED NORRIS $300 $200 $100
BABABOOEY $150 $0 $150
GRILLO $150 $100 $50
So to sum it up, it was an exciting game, and I'll bet it was more exciting for the gang of the Howard Stern show. ...Odd or even jersey???

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By King Of All Lizz Winstead Fans