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Hello, and welcome to LIZZLAND, a homepage devoted to Lizz Winstead. As its webmaster, I will make sure that this is the BEST damn Lizz Winstead page on the Internet... and come to think of it, there aren't many other Lizz Winstead sites on the Internet, are there? Well, I am here to fill that void.

When Lizz left The Daily Show, it was as if a stake had gone through my heart. Anybody like me who appreciates the talented, witty, sophisticated person in Lizz Winstead would feel the same way, and agree that she shouldn't fade away into obscurity, but try and find more work, to employ her talent in movies and television. I believe Lizz has enough potential to have her own prime-time sitcom. And if not that, at least let NBC have her host their "Later" show for a week! I mean, how many slightly-mainstream (most of which are boring) stand-up comedians have not done either one? The bottom line is, Lizz should come back to TV.

Until then, and perhaps afterwards, this website will keep you darling Lizz fans occupied. I will guarantee new stuff often in Lizz Winstead In The News, for info on appearances and TV and stuff like that, as well as the Quote Of The Week, which is basically a tidbit of one of her stand-up routines. There is also a LIZZLAND Guestbook, provided by the lovely folks at Pagecount, which I encourage you to sign. There's also a message board, FAQ, and much, much more!

Finally, let me just say for the record that I do not know Lizz Winstead personally, yet I am not a psycho whom some people might label "obsessed". So there, I've answered some of your questions already.

So enjoy the site, and be sure to e-mail me at:
be it for questions, comments, or just some good ol' a**-kissing!

And please sign our guestbook!

At this time, I'd just like to thank a few people before I get sued: All photos of Lizz Winstead courtesy of Comedy Central, except for the one on this page, courtesy of twincities.sidewalk.com.

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