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INTERVIEWS (in RealAudio)

Mark Parenteau Show - November 1998 - WAXQ-FM, New York
Lizz stopped by to promote what was then the first-ever Marshalls Women In Comedy Festival. Listen closely as she uses Lewinsky's name as a verb before the media would officially bring it into perspective (remember that "Law & Order" show where the guy said... Oh, never mind... Just download, listen and enjoy.)
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Mason & Kolinsky Show - November 9, 1999 - WNEW-FM, New York
Lizz promoted the second annual Women In Comedy Festival, and at the same time, visited her comic friend, Sue Kolinsky. Lizz reflects on thriving in the comedy community. (NOTE: The fellow in the second clip called "Moonface Mark" is better known today as "Psycho Mark" on the high-rated Opie and Anthony Show, also broadcast on the same station.)
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Lizz on "Girls' Night Out", Lifetime, 1996 - 4.37 MB

Lizz on "HBO Comedy Showcase", syndicated, 1996 - 4.94 MB

Lizz on "Comic Cabana", Comedy Central, 1997 - 1.94 MB

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