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This was originally the page where the latest Lizz news would be posted, but lately I've been posting them on the front page. This would be the archive from up until late 1998. Click here for more recent stories.

  PLEASE NOTE: This information is provided via the media, and not straight from Lizz herself. As I have stated before, I do not know Lizz Winstead personally. The purpose of the news page is to inform you of any news stories in which Lizz is involved, as well as keep you posted on any upcoming comedy club dates. However, if you have any news items regarding Lizz Winstead (or perhaps Lizz herself has some info she'd like to share with LIZZLAND), feel free to email me at
I, KOALWF, mention Lizz on the Howard Stern show... AGAIN!!! (June 10, 1998)
For Kilborn, payback is a bitch!!! [This has nothing to do with Lizz; I just think it would be funny to read about this situation!] (New York Daily News, May 22, 1998)
Read about my fifteen seconds of fame as I mention Lizz on Howard Stern! (May 20, 1998)
I, King Of All Lizz Winstead Fans, tell of my wacky plan to boycott CBS and Worldwide Pants after hearing the "vomit-inducing" news that Craig Kilborn would replace Tom Snyder on the "Late, Late Show". (May 18, 1998)
Don't look for Lizz at this year's Toyota Comedy Festival in New York City. (LIZZLAND, May 5, 1998)
Lizz talks to Late Show news' Aaron Barnhart on her new pilot for ABC called "The Man Show"! (Late Show News, April 26, 1998)
Comedy Central holds sexual harassment seminars before Esquire article, and guess who doesn't show up? That sexist pig Craig Kilborn! (New York Post, April 12, 1998)
Check out the turmoil circulating in the newsgroups concerning Lizz possibly joining Howard Stern's new CBS show! (Deja News, April 1998)
Lizz may return to TV for the first time since leaving "The Daily Show"! (Aaron Barnhart / Late Show News, March 24, 1998)
Lizz gives an exclusive interview to TRIPOD's J. Betty Ray. (J. Betty Ray / Tripod, February 10, 1998)
Lizz discusses her first month since leaving "The Daily Show". (Minneapolis Star-Tribune, February 8, 1998)
Lizz speaks out on TV's smirky guys like Letterman, Dennis Miller, and "Asshole of the Month" Craig Kilborn. (Los Angeles Times, February 8, 1998)
Read one man's review of Lizz Winstead's stand-up act at Caroline's Comedy Nation! (February 6, 1998)
CLASSIC ARTICLE: In an interview in 1997, Lizz explains why "The Daily Show" is "morning-drive radio for TV". St. Paul Pioneer-Press, June 8, 1997
CLASSIC ARTICLE: In another 1997 interview, Lizz reveals how she spends her free time when visiting her home state of Minnesota. Twin Cities Sidewalk, August 1997
Find out one journalist's brilliant perspective on the Esquire badmouthing controversy. (The Bergen Record, December 22, 1997)
In an excerpt from an article on self-discipline in late-night shows, Lizz simply says that there are "no limits". (Los Angeles Times, June 7, 1997)
Read about Lizz's CNNfn interview in September 1996! (CNNfn, September 27, 1996)
FROM THE MINNESOTA DAILY ONLINE: You Gotta Love Lizz (August 18, 1989) and A Comic Comes Home (March 29, 1991)

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