Comedy Central Held Sexual Harassment Seminars - And Kilborn Was A No-Show!


JUST because Craig Kilborn's piggish behavior drove Lizz Winstead to quit Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," who says he needs a lecture on sex harassment? In December, host Kilborn was suspended from the show without pay for a week after remarking of head writer Winstead in Esquire, "There are a lot of bitches on the staff ... If I wanted her to b--- me, she would." He later apologized, but Winstead quit anyway, saying she could no longer do her job "feeling the animosity that I felt reading the Esquire article." As a source told us at the time, that wasn't the first time Kilborn was disciplined over inappropriate sexual comments to staffers. Now a source reports that Comedy Central recently held an in-house seminar on sexual harassment - but Kilborn wasn't required to attend, and didn't. "We did a human resources presentation to "The Daily Show' and other production crews," says network rep Tony Fox, "but sexual harassment was only one of 18 subjects covered, from our smoking policy to equal opportunity employment. It wasn't a mandatory meeting, and I don't know who attended." In any case, they're trying to move past the Winstead business. This week, they hired a new head writer, Chris Kreski from MTV, to replace her, and, for her part, Winstead has said she's mulling several offers from the networks.

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