Don't Look For Lizz At Toyota Comedy Festival

It's that time of year again, when the Toyota Comedy Festival hits New York City for another week and a half, presenting the freshest, newest, and greatest comedic talent at various venues over eleven days.

But one thing will be missing: Our dear Lizz.

I was recently on the festival's official website (, and I was shocked to learn that over its eleven-day run (June 4-14), Lizz has not been listed in any of the shows.

This led me to send an e-mail to them. Victorria Johnson, a woman apparently involved with the festival, though she did not disclose her position there, send me two e-mails back. The following is the first one, dated April 30:

Hi Joseph...I have forwarded your mail to the appropriate scheduling manager. I don't believe that Lizz is contracted for this year's festival unless she's performing in one of the Women's showcases and it hasn't been finalized yet. Most of the schedule is 100% set and as always in comedy, changes can happen at the drop of a hat. HOWEVER, because Lizz is a recognizable name, I'm sure Toyota would want her promoted to help sell tickets.
Hope this helps.
Victorria Johnson

"Why is it called tourist season if we can't shoot at them?" -- George Carlin

And here is the second sone, sent shortly thereafter on May 1:

I heard from the Producer for the Toyota Comedy Festival, and she verified that Lizz Winstead will not be performing this year in the festival.
Victorria Johnson

While it is a pity that New York City is going to miss out on catching this sensationally witty woman this year, it should be noted that it does make perfect sense that she not perform, as she is currently filming her ABC pilot "The Man Show" on the West Coast. But honestly, how long does it take to film a show? And is it just the one pilot, or an order of shows? We will know eventually. Hey, what if she's filming a part for a major motion picture at that time? This is only speculation as to what she may be doing in a month if she's not part of this year's festival.

The last time Lizz performed at the Toyota Comedy Festival was last June 11, during an appearance by a bulk of contributors to "The Daily Show" at Comic Strip Live. It was not disclosed by Johnson exactly how many times Lizz has appeared at this festival.

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