KOALWF Mentions Lizz On Howard Stern Show

On Wednesday, 5/20 at around 9:45 am, on the Howard Stern show, Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling sang a gut-wrenching song about Robin Quivers, doing it in a faux Robin voice. It was a nightmare.
Well, you know what I did... I went right to the phone. Within six minutes, Howard started taking calls on Jackie's song. He took my call first. I told Jackie his song sucked. Next, I said to Jackie, "There's one person funnier than you, and her name is Lizz Winstead. Have you heard of her?" After mentioning her name again, Howard cut me off, but the conversation continued. Jackie admits he has heard of her. So Howard tells Jackie something along the lines of "If she's funnier than you, have her down here!"
The point of why I called was not to get Lizz's name out; that was a spontaneous decision. The real reason I called was because I have been a longtime fan of Howard's show, and I always wanted to get on the air. Oh yeah, and to tell Jackie his lame Robin song sucked!

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