The following article is from Twin Cities Sidewalk, August 1997. It was written by Laurel Lindahl.

La Lizz

When Comedy Central's Lizz Winstead comes home, she likes to loiter at the Mall of America and lounge at the Loring.

As creator, head writer, and on-air correspondent of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" (6 and 10 weeknights), Lizz Winstead's job is to put a humorous spin on the events of the day. "I read seven papers a day," says the Minneapolis native. "And the AP [Associated Press] wire." After she's completely steeped in the nation's news, Winstead chooses her targets and takes aim. The result is a half-hour program that rivals the "Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update (back when it was really funny). The success of "The Daily Show," along with Winstead's recent appearance on Entertainment Weekly's list of the most creative people in show business, proves that her aim is true. Winstead doesn't get back to Minnesota as often as she likes, but when she does, she has her favorites.

State Fair Fanatic

Lizz visits at least twice a year, occasionally for Christmas and always for the Minnesota State Fair, where she recently was found applauding the butter sculpture of Princess Kay of the Milky Way, admiring the seed art in the ag-hort building, and ogling the ride operators in the Mighty Midway. "I'll admit it," she says, "I'm obsessed with the guys who run the rides. I'm currently on a crusade to start a calendar called Men of the Midway."

Mall Rat

And what about Minnesota's famous bastion of consumerism? Does Lizz go to the Mall of America? "Don't we all?" she says. Her favorite attraction is Camp Snoopy's flume ride, the Paul Bunyan Log Shoot. "The log! Through his legs!" Lizz laughs. "I don't think people get how funny that is."

Lounge Lizard

"When I'm home, I have to go to the Loring," Lizz says, citing the artichoke dip as a primary lure. A close second is the bar's lounge factor the stuffed chairs, the ambient lighting, the verdancy. "The Loring is perfect for lounging. I'm a big fan of lounging." For a different kind of lounge experience, Lizz likes to hit Nye's Polonaise. "Nye's is my favorite bar in the world," she says, admitting, though, she's too shy to sing along with Sweet Lou at the piano bar. If she were more of a ham, she says, she'd probably choose to interpret Frank Sinatra's anthem of personal triumph over adversity, "That's Life."

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