Who says politics are dull?

Lizz Winstead finds plenty to laugh about, from Chelsea to Kemp to Perot

NEW YORK (CNNfn) -- With the campaign season well underway, laughter may be the only thing standing between the voters and sheer terror at the thought that one of the people running for President may actually get elected.
But whoever it is, he won't make it into the Oval Office without a few of Lizz Winstead's keen barbs sticking in his hide.
Winstead, a regular on Comedy Central, gave her opinions about the men vying for high office Friday afternoon on CNnfn's "Biz Buzz " -- as well as skewering a handful of other well-known politicians.
Her first target was President Clinton and his effect on daughter Chelsea, who is a vegetarian. "She's just following in the steps of Amy Carter, and better Amy Carter than one of those Johnson girls." At any rate, she attributed Chelsea's diet to the teenager's reaction to Dad's fondness for Big Macs.
But she did contend that "Bill Clinton could have an affair with Mother Theresa on the floor of the Vatican and still win."
Then there is Ross Perot, whom she claimed is following a time-honored American tradition: "In this country, if you're eccentric and a billionaire you either kill a wrestler or run for president."
On Bob Dole: "They should have told him that [the fence he fell through on a campaign stop] was not a metaphor. He should've gotten back up and dove in again, like Pearl Jam. He would have gotten the young vote, the MTV vote..."
On Jack Kemp: "He's made some faux pas. When he said 'I'm Bob Dole's right arm,' I couldn't believe it."
She noted that Newt Gingrich's half-sister, who has come out as a lesbian, works for United Parcel Service. "Interestingly enough," added Winstead, "I thought Newt would be the one in the family that would wear a brown shirt."
And she played Hollywood casting agent with Massachusetts Gov. Willam Weld, who's running for the U.S. Senate in that state.
He is, "the governor who would be 'the senator formerly known as Barney Rubble.' I don't know why they didn't cast him in the movie. "
When Hollywood, however, finally casts a movie about the people who have tossed off a caustic word or two about this year's elections, Lizz Winstead will be in the running for the lead.

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