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EXCLUSIVE!!! I recently received an e-mail from Lizz's prom date himself, Chris Larson. He praised the fact that there is a source for Lizz Winstead on the Internet. Read about it here!. But now, on with the story...

  The high-school senior prom is one of the most enjoyable memories of anybody's childhood. But when do you suppose Lizz attend her high-school prom?

May 9, 1997.

She originally planned to attend the prom at her high school back in Minneapolis in 1979, but the punk stood her up. On the segment seen on "The Daily Show", Lizz would recall that she was "waiting... and he never came, and he never came, and he never came."

People are such rat-finks, huh, Lizz?

But a New Jersey senior named Chris Larson attended a taping to inform that she was welcome to be his date. How he knew about her promless past, I have no clue. Maybe he's another Lizz fan like me. Hey, Chris, where's your Lizz Winstead web page, huh? (NOTE: Actually, he has one... Click here. Or click here.)

But it happened. The prom actually took place on May 9, 1997, and broadcast to the whole world on May 15.

To recapture the music of that special night, click here.

The following are articles from the New York Daily News, concerning Lizz's prom night. They are written by Scott Williams. The first is dated May 9, 1997, and the second is dated May 16, 1997.

Better Late Than Never

Lizz Winstead, correspondent and head writer for "The Daily Show" on cable's Comedy Central, is finally going to the senior prom after being stood up the first time.

"His name was Doug," recalled Winstead, then a 17-year-old Minneapolis Southwest High Schooler in a turquoise Qiana gown and beartrap sandals waiting for the date that never came.

It was the late '70s. "He was my boyfriend and his mother even sent me a corsage," Winstead said. "He decided not to take me and took Julie instead. She was the hot, skinny girl with the big boobs. I was the girl that had gum stuck in my braces."

Tonight she'll attend the Ramsey (N.J.) senior prom with class president Chris Larson, a "Daily Show" fan who passed her a note during a recent taping. Her choice of prom gown: "No Qiana," she said yesterday. A report on the date will air May 15.

As for Doug, she added, "I definitely dumped him, and of course, he was obsessed with me after my braces came off. I think he's fat now."

Oh, What a Night . . .

Lizz Winstead, head writer and on-air correspondent for Comedy Central's nightly "The Daily Show," is back from her prom.

"I stuck with my date," she told The News. "He was the coolest guy there." Cooler than "Daily Show" anchor Craig Kilborn, who went stag? "Cooler than Craig."

Winstead was asked to last weekend's Ramsey (N.J.) High School prom via a note passed to her during a recent "Daily Show" taping. As reported here last week, since she has long been bedeviled by a memory of being stood up on prom night her senior year in the late '70s, she decided to accept the invitation.

"Any demons I had left over from high school have vanished," Winstead said this week.

Her date, class president Chris Larsen, wore a black tux with white trim. Winstead was resplendent in a red, spaghetti-strap, form-fitting gown, low-cut in back. Her wrist corsage was "frozen carnations and baby's breath."

Her favorite slow dance? "Babe, I Love You" by Styxx.

Favorite fast dance? "Love Shack" by the B-52's.

"It was exactly what I thought it would be. That's what made it great. The squealing in the bathroom by the girls was incredible. There were women there who'd actually taped liquor to their thighs.

"I didn't have anything taped to my thighs except my thighs."

She got home about 2:30 a.m. "I didn't go to the Shore with the kids," she said. "I went home because I'm an old woman."

Copyright 1997 New York Daily News

I was pleased as punch to receive an e-mail from somebody other than myself who is a die-hard Lizz fan... her prom date!

Chris Larson is now attending Penn State University, and when he discovered this website, he has this to say to me about LIZZLAND:

To Whom it May Concern,

Hello, my name is Christian "Chris" Larson, and I was Lizz Winstead's prom date last year. Ever since I went away to college I've been trying to track down Lizz Winstead info on the internet, but I haven't found anything. When I found "Lizzland" I was pleasantly suprised, especially when I found a section devoted to my night with Lizz!

Spending the evening with Lizz was a night I will never forget - she truly is an amazing person. Not only did I find out firsthand what a cool person she is, but what an asshole Craig is. I can't believe that you put my old website up on your page, though -- It was from years ago and it was so lame! I have a new one, though, it's It's a lot cooler.

Well if you want to know anything about that magical night or hear some Craig Kilborn horror stories, drop me a line.

Yours truly,

Christian Larson

In the near future, I would like to add pictures to this page of the "Daily Show" prom segment. Problem is, I don't know how to convert videotape to gif's or jpeg's. I think I need a video capture card or something like that. If anybody has the tape and the skills and would like to take care of it... or just the skills would do (I have the tape, of course!), contact me at If there is any other way you want to contribute to this site, e-mail me at the same address.

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