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Lizz Winstead is a very sophisticated, always enlightening woman with a fecund mind. So, of course, she has a lot to say. It goes far beyond her already famous epithet, which you may have already seen about 900 billion goddamn times on the Internet already. You know... "I think, therefore I'm single".

This segment will be on a brief hiatus until the end of April, due to time devoted to other developments on websites, including LIZZLAND.

Okay, so I lied. It's just that I'm so hard at work bringing you the lowdown on Lizz, that I realized I've totally neglected this segment. It will remain up, and I might even revamp it with 'Netizens-slash-Lizz fans like you submitting your own Lizz quotes.
In the interim, enjoy some previous quotes:

Previous quotes:

3/20/98: When the stock market crashed, I moved all the moeny from my savings account to my checking.

3/13/98: There is a video out... and it has Tommy Lee and Pamela Lee having sex in various places... and he has the word "mayhem" tattooed across his chest, which is the only reading Pam's ever done.

3/6/98: The Ku Klux Klan actually adopted a highway, which is futile because it just means there's gonna be more white trash on the street.

2/27/98: You know what's funny about Fen-Phen? Fen is bad for you, but Phen is okay.

2/20/98: I feel sorry for Jesse Helms. He has prostate cancer. And the odd thing is that his dentist found it.

2/13/98: I am so bitter, can I just say that, I am so bitter. I'm so bitter, you know what I gave up for Lent? Hope. That's how bitter I am.

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