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Above: Lizz with "Daily Show" co-creator Madeleine Smithberg, during happier times.

Why Lizz Left "The Daily Show"

For about a year and a half, "The Daily Show" was like a breath of fresh air - satiric air, that is, that you could watch and really enjoy. It was easy to take in all the gags that were brought on by everybody involved, mostly Lizz and co-creator Madeleine Smithberg. In fact, the two clashed creatively so well that they were named to Entertainment Weekly's 1997 It List.

So Esquire did a piece on "The Daily Show", aptly titled "Broadcast Bruise". Good reading, up until the last couple of paragraphs. Not only did Kilborn refer to female staffers on the show as "bitches", but he claimed that Lizz found him "very attractive", adding something along the lines of, she would give him oral sex if given the opportunity... but not exactly in those words.

Well, Kilborn got suspended for a week, but returned to work after the suspension.

But Lizz didn't.

From Esquire Magazine
Above (l-r): Smithberg, Kilborn and Winstead pose for Esquire.

Some rumors were floating that she would leave, and I didn't want to believe them at first. Kilborn, in light of his suspension, even apologized and said that his remarks were meant "in jest". Apparently, Lizz somehow found it hard to "in jest" (er, ingest) his apology.

Then, I watched the show the first day Craig returned, which was actually the first edition of 1998. The credits roll at the end, but something was missing. Her name and credit as head writer were gone where they should be, between the executive producer and director. Her credit as co-creator remained, however. The next day, I go on the Comedy Central website, and her bio was missing from the "Daily Show" staff page.

It was at this point that I decided to abandon "The Daily Show" totally, for good. I mean, even though it was something that was the brainchild of her fecund mind, still, the jokes just won't be the same now that her position as head writer is terminated.

Quite frankly, I agree with Lizz 110% on her decision to leave. Now, you might call it a bold yet crazy decision to leave a show that came mostly from Lizz herself. But imagine if she had decided to stay with the show --- to remain in the same environment with the person who nonchalantly yet intentionally badmouthed her in a nationally circulated publication --- now that would have been bold yet crazy!

But all in all, it just wouldn't have been worth it. For Lizz to tolerate working with a person who did what he did should not be so. I know it might be hard for Lizz to face the cold reality of being given the ultimatum of resigning from her own show, but in order for her to continue living a sane and pressure-free life, I give her full credit for leaving. Hopefully, she'll be back on the air with a show of her own.

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