Lizz as Milo

Television Production Credits
Women Aloud, writer/producer
Two Drink Minimum, writer/commentator
Short Attention Span Theater, writer
The Jon Stewart Show (syndicated, not the MTV show), producer
The Daily Show, co-creator, head writer
The Ms. Foundation's Women Of Comedy from Caroline's, producer/head writer
Snap Judgment, co-executive producer
This Week Has Seven Days (unsold pilot), co-creator
Don't Quote Me, creative consultant

Lizz in Dr. KatzLizz in Dr. Katz
Above: From an episode of "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist".

Television Appearances
"The Ms. Foundation's Women Of Comedy from Caroline's", Lifetime (1998)
"Equal Time", CNBC (1998)
"Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher", ABC (1998)
"Charles Grodin", CNBC (1998)
"Town Hall", Comedy Central (1997)
"Unauthorized Biography: Milo: Death Of A Supermodel", Comedy Central (1997)
"Comic Cabana", Comedy Central (1997)
"Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist", Comedy Central (1997)
"Comedy Showcase", syndicated (1996)
"USA Live", USA Network (1996)
CNNfn (1996)
"Indecision '96: Setting The Agenda", Comedy Central (1996)
"Girls' Night Out", Lifetime (1994)
"Women Of The Night II", HBO (1993)
"Indecision '92", Comedy Central (1992)
"Girls' Night Out", Lifetime (1992)
"Women Aloud", Comedy Central (1992)
"Evening At The Improv", A&E (1991)
"Half-Hour Comedy Hour", MTV (1990)
"Comedy Club Network", Showtime (1990)
"Land O' Loons III", KTCA Minneapolis (1989)

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I don't think there is any appropriate place in this site for this pic, so I put in here in the meantime...
Here is a pic I found on the web site for radio station WSTW 93.7 FM in Wilmington, Delaware. Supposedly, their morning team John and Jill were in New York City when they took this pic. Of course, this was back when Lizz was still head writer of "The Daily Show", and back before Craig had to open his yapper and mar her career.
Pictured (l-r), Lizz, Jill and John, and Beth Littleford.

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