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NOTE: The following is a bulk of the interview I have done with THE Lizz Winstead last month. It was originally made up of 13 questions. She did answer the first eight, and said she'd e-mail the rest of the answers to good questions I had made up. I haven't heard from her since, which, in a way, is a good sign, it shows that she might be busy on a new project we could be seeing in a few months or so. I was banking on waiting until I got the remaining answers to the questions, but I figured, what the hell, why keep the masses waiting? So here they are, eight questions. And hey, eight out of thirteen ain't bad, right?

  This May, I have had the honor to do an exclusive interview with one of my idols, the feminist comedian, the reason this website is to be... Lizz Winstead.

King Of All Lizz Fans: What have you been up to so far this year?

Lizz: In addition to the Lifetime special and The Man show, UPN comissioned me to write a sitcom for them for a mid season replacement. I co-wrote it with someone I can't mention right now but will be able to by the end of the summer.
If they decide to make it a pilot, the mystery person and I will star in it and co-executive produce it with Whoopi Goldberg. I should find out by the end of the summer what the outcome will be.
I will be spending most of my summer at the beach working on some other projects and trying to catch up on some reading and sleep.

KOALWF: I understand there's this big announcement you're planning to make this summer. Care to drop any hints on us?

LW: Kinda said it in [the last question].

KOALWF: So many comedians have made the transition from comedian to sitcom star. Would you want to make such a transition? Why?

LW: The sitcom for lack of any better description has some All in The Family and some Mary Tyler Moore qualities to it. I like my comedy to have a point of view and like to comment on the world so any project I do will have that kind of tone to it.
I am not to fond of "The Man" as in big boss, not the gender.

KOALWF: Have you had small roles in movies and/or sitcoms, if any?

LW: I did an independent film a couple of years ago in which I ended up on the cutting room floor. It was called "Burnsys Last Call" and starred David Johanssen, Sherry Stringfield, (sic) and Chris Noth so [alluding to Lizz's availability in the Kevin Bacon game] I technically do qualify [as an actress in a movie] because I was in the movie with David Johanssen, not just the "Milo" special.
I also did a small short called "Gloves ' that was written by Paul Michael Mecurio, one of the Daily Show writers which did very well in many festivals here and abroad. I played a crack addicted palm reader. Very scary.

KOALWF: I enjoyed your "Milo" special immesnely. I found it very provocative and nostalgic. How did you come up with the idea?

LW: I always felt the show "Biography" was next in line for a mockumentary and after they did a bio on Lance Ito, it was the last straw for me. I like the idea of creating a character based on the personas of many people and culling them into one giant infamous persona, so we stole the essences of Gia, Edie Sedgewick, Nancy Spungeon and Sylvia Miles and created Milo. It was a lot of fun.

KOALWF: You recently said you have never watched "The Daily Show" ever since you left. If anything, what do you watch? (I watch "Howard Stern" on E!)

LW: I watch news almost all day long. I love Koppel and the Sunday morning shows, Grodin and Jeopardy.
My role models are Marge Simpson and Peggy Hill. Two awesome feminists!

KOALWF: What do you think of the new Viagra drug?

LW: They should rename Viagra, "Get the fuck off of me" because that is what women will be saying when the erection lasts 2 and a half days.

KOALWF: What do you think of the NBA deciding to hire female referees this season?

LW: Love the female refs, I knew it would be fine and I haven't heard a peep of dissention since they have been working the games.

Here are the questions that Lizz has yet to answer:

1. Everybody has pet peeves. My biggest is when all the TV networks put their little logo at the bottom of the screen EVERY minute, as if nobody knew what network they were watching or something. Lizz, are there any pet peeves that you'd like to share with us?

2. If you were a genie, and you had to grant one wish each to Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp - and here's the good part, you determined the wishes - what would they be?

3. Here's the scenario: You're on a boat with James Carville and Kenneth Starr. You had to throw one of them off the boat in order to survive. Which one would you throw off, and why?

4. If you could put an end to the Independent Counsel investigation, what would you do?

5. When it comes to your sexual orientation, some seem to be confused. For example, back in the days of "TDS", you averred at one point that you were "definitely straight", while later, you did a segment called, er, "Out at the Movies" with Frank DeCaro.
Would you care to share a few details regarding your sexuality?

See? I told you they were good questions! Anyway, whenever she has a chance to get those answers back to me, I will immediately add them, and the entire interview will be complete.

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