2000 NEWS ARCHIVE RECENT NEWS: 7.22.01: LIZZ AT LARGE! Be watching this Friday as Lizz guests on CNN's "Greenfield at Large" with Jeff Greenfield (who's got a good book out, btw) Friday at 10:30 PM Eastern/Pacific, 9:30 PM Central. (No weekend rebroadcast dates, so this is your only chance!) Also, Lizz just finished a new interview for Maximum Golf with comedian and "The Job" star Denis Leary. Also, we might get some news on her USA show deal... you'll know where to go for it when it happens. ;)

: NEW EMAIL ADDRESS! Once again, the email server I use is unreliable. As if the USA.net nightmares weren't enough... I've had Mail.com for a few months now. But I logged inthe other day, and I found that all of my saved mail was deleted! And I never got any new mail, so I was curious, suspecting as I am, so I sent a test email to that address, and after three days, it's still not there! So I'm done with Mail.com, and once again, note the new email address: lizzlandmail@yahoo.com. If you sent emails during the last couple of weeks, please resend them, but now you know why I couldn't read them obviously.. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed Lizz at the MST3K symposium on Friday night if you went. Oh yeah, and fuck Mail.com. Thank you.

6.7.01: Thanxabunch! Just wanted to personally say thanks to everyone who showed up at Elaine's Wednesday night for the panel discussion (so much it turned into an SRO affair - we appreciate it). Lewis Black was off the wall, Jimmy Breslin had some words of wisdom, but as usual, Lizz's witty insights made the show a memorable one. Don't forget now, Lizz will also be moderating the MST3K symposium this Friday at Columbia University - that reminds me, wanna say hello to "TV's Frank" who took in all the laughs at Elaine's with us; he'll be there Friday as well.
Also, Lizz told me about another project she's whipping up, this one for TNN. It's a reality-show/game-show and she said it even has a title: "Oblivious". Not sure what the actual object is, and I wouldn't want to give anything away, but unless I heard wrong, the game is set in a bar... Of course, when I hear more info, you'll read it here!

5.18.01: A Cluster Of Mo' Lizz Info! Wow, talk about making up for lost [update] time, eh? Coming at ya, more Miss Lizz info, cuz that's what Lizzland is about:

  • Lizz will return to Maximum Golf magazine, her second piece for the publication featuring Sopranos/Springsteen dude Steven Van Zandt. I'm told it's in the June issue, and traditionally, the June issue of magazines are sold in May, so ask for the June Maximum Golf at your newsstands now!
  • Speaking of returns, Lizz is also involved in another VH1 Cheers and Jeers special. I was told it would air in June. More info as it becomes available, of course!
  • In addition to the political roundtable at Elaine's on June 6 (more info below), Lizz will moderate a Mystery Science Theater 3000 roundtable on Friday, June 8, also as part of the Toyota Comedy Festival. (More info, www.toyotacomedy.com.)
  • Last but certainly not least, Lizz and her pal Brian Unger have teamed up with producer Doug Herzog on a project for cable's USA Network that, I'm told, would air weeknights at 11 PM. I wasn't told what type of show it would be, but it would be interesting to see how it would do up against The Daily Show... More info on this show, including if and when USA picks it up, is imminent!
That's all for now, check back soon for more breaking developments!

5.6.01: Lizz Returns To Elaine's During Toyota Comedy Festival! First off, mucho apologias for no updates in nearly four months, but it's been that long since I've heard any Lizz news - so I posted this ASAP: Once again, Lizz will join hundreds of comedians for the annual Toyota Comedy Festival in New York (June 1-10). She will moderate a political roundtable called "The First 136 Days: An Irreverent Political Discussion" and will feature Lewis Black, Sam Seder, Jimmy Breslin, Brian Unger & Kate Clinton. It happens Wednesday, June 6 at 8 pm at Elaine's Restaurant [1703 2nd Ave @ 88th Street - (212) 534-8103]. Tickets at the door only. (Thanks to www.toyotacomedy.com for the info; be sure to check out info on other shows at that site as well.)

1.10.01: February Maximum Golf On Sale Now! Well, folks, the new year is here - as is the new issue of Maximum Golf featuring Lizz's "strip golf" article featuring Tea Leoni, David Duchovny (her husband) and Kevin Nealon. Rush to your newsstand and pick up your copy now! And happy new year to all you Lizz fans!

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