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"One of the country's most prominent political comedy writers"
- Phyllis Furman, New York Daily News, 2.16.00

"The bitter train pulled up to Jerry's stop years ago."
- Lizz Winstead on Jerry Lewis, Entertainment Weekly, 2.25.00

Lizz with Joy Behar (left) and Janeane Garofalo, November 1999

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UPDATE: 1.21.02: Yep, we're alive! It just seems like awhile since I found something to update the site with... plus, 9/11 was a minor factor as well... I apologize it took awhile to update, but things just haven't been as active lately... However, my good friend (and source) Lynn informed me that Lizz's sister, Mary, is having a book about her family published this summer. Click here to read about it. I also discovered I got screwed from who I thought was a faithful webcounter that I've employed since this site's inception in 1998. (btw This site celebrates its 4-year aniversary in February.) So not knowing how many visitors it counted last, plus the number of hits I got during the outage, I put up a new counter and started it at 10,000. It's something, but won't be as great as the once-mighy XOOM. Oh well... That's all for now... but check back, because even if it takes six months, I'm always getting new stuff... Ciao...

UPDATE #2: 1.21.02: Makin' up for lost time... Christ, am I ever out of the loop! I SO apologize... but Lizz apparently wrote some stuff for the Internet maganize

This is what she had to say in December 2001...

... and here, you can read what she had to say in regards to September 11.

Enjoy these offerings, and I'll promise to be more timely with future nuggets of information. Ciao...

UPDATE #3: 1.21.02: Still makin' up for lost time... Remember back in March of last year when Lizz was part of the "Survivor Roundtable" after Alicia was voted off? Of course you do - I think... if you want to see her appearance, just plug this link into your RealPlayer, ya ready?

Also, a Tea Leoni fan site has logged the entire Maximum Golf piece Lizz did with her, Tea, David Duchovny, and a couple of others. Read it here. Or here.


RECENT NEWS: 7.22.01: LIZZ AT LARGE! Be watching this Friday as Lizz guests on CNN's "Greenfield at Large" with Jeff Greenfield (who's got a good book out, btw) Friday at 10:30 PM Eastern/Pacific, 9:30 PM Central. (No weekend rebroadcast dates, so this is your only chance!) Also, Lizz just finished a new interview for Maximum Golf with comedian and "The Job" star Denis Leary. Also, we might get some news on her USA show deal... you'll know where to go for it when it happens. ;)


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