(For an array of even older Lizz news, check out the The Lizz Winstead News Archive.)

11.22.99: While I was at the Gotham Comedy Club last Thursday, I took some pictures. I've scanned six of them, you can check them out by clicking here.

11.14.99: Just thought you'd like to know that Lizz has been added to the ballot of the Deja.com Comedienne poll. Click here to vote for her. Feel free to vote, although I personally would give her all 5's across the board. I mean, how can you not give her all 5's? Come on, people!
And don't forget to reserve your seats for tonight's show at the Gotham Comedy Club. It's a night of chick comedy, hosted by Lizz, as part of the Marshalls Women in Comedy Festival. The show starts at 8:30 PM, and tickets are $8 each.

11.11.99: First off, thanks to everyone who showed up at Gotham Comedy Club today for the symposium... Now don't forget to return this Sunday night! Yes, I, of all people, have failed to let you in on another show Lizz will be doing during the Marshalls Women in Comedy Festival. This Sunday, November 14th, Lizz will host an array of funny ladies including Allison Castillo, Jen Kirwin, and others. Yeah, they're not familiar names now, but they're all sure to be rising stars... The show starts at 8:30 PM. Admission is $8, which goes to benefit a domestic violence fund. The address is 34 West 22nd Street. Call (212) 367-9000 to make your reservations now.

11.9.99: Lizz appeared on the Mason & Kolinsky show this morning over FM Talk @ 102.7 (formerly WNEW). here's what they had to say about her on their daily update (from SteveMason.com:

Steve: I really like the little niche that Sue and me and Schleppo have carved out here. Under the circumstances which include no promos, no clear programming strategies, 8 records an hour for the first several months, limbo between rock and talk that lasted interminably like a Chinese water torture, finally the end of a 30 year run for a heritage New York institution...the old WNEW.

We have been here 10 months, and I hate to sound like Richard Lewis, but I think I have lost 10 years of my life at this daily battle. I get chest pains. I have the constant reminder of the bleeding ulcer and ulcerative colitis I developed in the spring.

Still, in meeting people like Lizz Winstead, I find hope. What a funny, smart woman. Lizz, who created The Daily Show for Comedy Central, had some priceless off the record stuff about here experiences there. I would never breach that trust. I also gave her plenty of juicy stuff about our experiences here. We talked about politics for an hour after the show. She's an old-fashioned liberal, while I'm a small "l" libertarian, but we agree on a lot. Pro Choice, decriminalize marijuana, decriminalize prostitution, etc.. I am happy to have met Lizz.

Sue: Lizz Winstead closed the show with an appearance in studio from 9-10. She's hysterical and extremely bright, which is why she was the creator of The Daily Show and is going to be one of many women comics participating in The Marshall's Comedy Festival, which kicks off tomorrow night.

Of course, she was promoting the Marshall's Women in Comedy Festival in which she is participating on Thursday (more info a few updates below).

11.4.99: Well, folks, he won.
Lizz's brother, Gene, has won the election on Tuesday and will become the next mayor of Bloomington, Minnesota. Thanks to Lynnette for giving me the news. Here's the story from the Star Tribune by Mark Brunswick:

Longtime Bloomington City Council Member Gene Winstead won an overwhelming victory Tuesday to become mayor of Minnesota's third-largest city. Former TV anchorwoman Heather Harden also handily won a seat on the Bloomington City Council in her first attempt at elected office.

Winstead, who raised a significant $11,000 in campaign funds, garnered 76 percent of the vote over former truck driver Frank Lindholm. Winstead replaces the retiring Coral Houle and will preside over a city facing major development challenges near the Mall of America and the former Met Center site, as well as continuing debate about traffic congestion along some of Minnesota's busiest freeways.

My congratulations go out to Gene, who will be sworn in in January.
By the way, one week from today, you can catch Lizz hosting a symposium at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. More info in the last update below.

10.25.99: Good news, and bad news...
First, the bad news: Lizz just got back from L.A., and she informed me that the pilot for "This Week Has Seven Days" has not been picked up by Fox. Hopefully, they'll come to the right decision and take advantage of this fresh television project. And, of course, Fox's loss could also end up as another network's gain, so let's look at it that way...
In the interim, those of you in the New York City area can see Lizz live when she moderates another symposium as part of the Marshall's Women In Comedy Festival, on Thursday, November 11, at noon. (In other words, 11/11 at 12. :) And I'm sure this one is free to get in, as was the one last November at Caroline's. Gotham Comedy Club is located at 34 West 22nd Street in New York. Call them at (212) 367-9000. Also check out their website. More news on the Marshall's Comedy Festival Symposium as it becomes available.

9.16.99: On Monday, Lizz appeared with "Daily Show" alums A. Whitney Brown and Brian Unger at a fundraiser at the Mall of America for her brother, Gene - he's running for the mayor of Bloomington, Minnesota! (Eat your heart out, Jesse Ventura!)
Here's an article in today's Star Tribune from everybody's favorite columnist, C.J., that documents the whole shindig:

C.J.: Princess of parody takes aim at TV news magazines

C.J. / Star Tribune

Stone Phillips' sense of humor about himself may get a TV test. Minnesota comedian Lizz Winstead has a FOX-TV pilot that gives network news magazines the same skewering that the co-creator of "The Daily Show" gave nightly news reports on Comedy Central. She and Comedy Central since have had a well-publicized parting. But that's given her plenty of time to concentrate on new spoofs.

"It's a magazine show called 'This Week Has Seven Days,' " said Winstead, in from NYC for a Knuckleheads fund-raiser for brother Gene, a Bloomington councilman running for mayor. Clips from the pilot drew tremendous laughter Monday, when Winstead unexpectedly focus-grouped the possible midseason replacement. Winstead brought friends and "Daily Show" alums Brian Unger and A. Whitney Brown to the megamall fund-raiser. Unger transformed into a veritable Stone, overcome with the countenance and delivery of the "Dateline: NBC" principal. The camera swoops into place, while a seated Unger appears to rotate on an axis. Dressed in a self-conscious anchor disguise, he introduces an investigative piece about dull male singing groups. "Yeah, we came up with the hypothesis that the Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, those white-boy bands, have been put on the Earth to bore black children to death. A sort of white plot," Winstead said. "And Al Sharpton played right along with it." Not surprising for the reverend, a buffoon extraordinaire. "Seven Days" correspondent Gus Johnson, who's done Timberwolves broadcasts, does a fine Len Cannon impersonation. . . . Then there's the opening shot for Unger's report from a war-torn Kosovo with a backdrop that looks like a smoldering California canyon fire. Unger begins his walkie-talkie toward the camera, dressed like GI Joe on a fashion runway. The audience completely lost it when he announced what the investigation had discovered: Road Rage in Kosovo. It's farcically over the top -- everything parody should be.

Lizz makes brother pay

"This is the Billy Carter of my life," Gene Winstead said, with his arm around sister Lizz. She had just finished saying one embarrassing thing and was on her way to another. "I won't pee on the front yard of the Bloomington White House," promised Lizz, who didn't know who this "Gene" person was. "He wants to go by Gene because it makes him sound more important. It's Beanie, i-e, to our family,'' she clarified. ''If I take it seriously, then it's not funny. If it's not funny, people don't pay money. If people don't pay money, this fund-raiser point is moot.'' Beanie clammed up, having the courage to utter only the occasional, ''I have absolutely no control.'' He also told the audience that the views expressed by the comics were not those of the candidate. Wasn't that the truth. (Do I need to warn audience members not to take as gospel things Unger and Brown say about their careers or Beanie's, uh, hobbies?) Lizz was sincere when she told folks they should vote for her brother because he genuinely cares about his community and believes in making it better. The name of Beanie's opponent -- Frank Lindholm -- was played for the obviously grade-school laughs; his full name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lindholm.

No message for Craig

Winstead is still treading very carefully where former "Daily Show" news reader Craig Kilborn is concerned. You may recall that Lizz left the show after the fellow Minnesotan joked in an Esquire article that she would have Oval Sex with him if asked. Every feminist bone in Lizz's tiny little body reacted negatively; Craig got suspended, but Lizz still wanted off the show. Kilborn since has landed a bigger job (his "Daily" is starting to evoke thoughts of the Peter Principle) as host of CBS' "Late, Late Show." A knucklehead in the audience wanted to know what Lizz, Unger and Brown thought of Craig's new show. Lizz made uncharacteristically bland comments about how Craig is "reinventing" late-night television. "Never seen the show," Unger offered. (Audience laughter.) Said Brown: "That show is literally unwatchable." (Uproarious audience laughter.) "I have nothing against Craig Kilborn," Brown went on. "He's a tool of my trade. I'm a writer; you deal with people like Craig all the time. His world essentially ends at his skin. He spends so much time thinking about one thing, and that thing is not particularly complicated. It doesn't allow a lot of room for intellectual growth." At this point, Lizz left the stage. "I didn't say anything," she said afterward. Duly noted. Although Lizz has never confirmed it, I suspect she was paid handsomely when she exited "The Daily Show" and keeps her yap closed about Craig.

Davis passes inspection

KSTP-TV's Angela Davis shared an on-air anchor hair moment with Winstead. Lizz loves to razz news anchors about hair and clothing, as Stone Phillips soon will see. Most of the Twin Cities TV people she saw on this trip "have helmet hair," she said. "Who doesn't have helmet hair -- Angela Davis," said Lizz, who got her fingers in Angela's on the mid-day broadcast this week. (Thanks for moving back from Dallas, Angela, and bringing you-know-who along, too.)

From birth to mirth

Winstead items always cause 332-TIPS callers who have followed her career since its stand-up beginnings to call with other funny stories. I asked her sister Linda Winstead whether Lizz always has been funny. Because Linda is older, they didn't really grow up together, but she recalled, "Lizzie was a strange little thing" as a child.

Even if it is useless now, here's another article from Sunday, September 12th from the Star Tribune with information for the fundraiser, eloquently written by Colin Covert:

Comedy: Lizz Winstead & friends

8:30 p.m. Mon., Knuckleheads Comedy Club in the Mall of America. $20-$25. 612-854-5233.

Some talking heads have more to say than others. As co-creator, head writer and on-air correspondent of Comedy Central's parody newsmagazine ''The Daily Show,'' Twin Cities native Lizz Winstead made a name for herself as one of the country's top political humorists. Now she's working on a similar project for the Fox network with ''Daily Show'' alumni A. Whitney Brown and Brian Unger. As a sort of warmup for the midseason debut of ''This Week Has Seven Days,'' all three will share their wiseguy perspectives on the powers that be and others richly deserving their disrespect. An audience Q and A session is scheduled (Craig Kilborn), so if you want to know how she really feels (Craig Kilborn) about current events and media personalities (Craig Kilborn), this is your chance to ask.

I do apologize for failing to be on top of this event, as there was a death in my family which prevented me from engaging in regular Internet access. But for those of you who live in Minnesota, I'm sure you knew about it, too. :)

8.5.99: Yes, today is Lizz's 38th birthday. And she gave me a bit of info on the taping of the Fox pilot. Production is halfway complete, studio segments are scheduled to be taped two weeks from today. Yes, the pilot, "This Week Has Seven Days" (working title) is still slated for a midseason premiere.

7.1.99: Here is an official article from Tuesday June 29th's New York Post, titled "Fox Rolls A Lucky Seven", written by Don Kaplan. Enjoy, and have a great 4th of July weekend!

Fox has ordered the pilot episode for a newsmagazine parody from the co-creator of Comedy Central's "Daily Show," according to insiders.

The show, called "This Week Has Seven Days," is expected to be ready for a mid-season debut.

Despite insider buzz, a network source told The Post that the deal for the new show is not final, "but is close." Lizz Winstead, who helped to develop the "Daily Show," and Brian Unger, one of its former correspondents, begin shooting the pilot next month.

Unger will serve as anchor, while A. Whitney Brown, another "Daily Show" alumnus, will be its chief correspondent.

Winstead and Unger were courted last year by UPN to develop a parody of newsmagazines like "Dateline" and "60 Minutes," but Fox's new entertainment chief Doug Herzog lured the pair away when he joined the network earlier this year.

Herzog was instrumental in developing the "Daily Show" when he was president of Comedy Central.

He hired Winstead and "Daily Show" executive producer Madeline Smithberg to create the show after the network learned it was going to lose "Politically Incorrect" to ABC in 1996.

Winstead, Unger and Herzog were unavailable for comment.

Last year, Winstead left Comedy Central shortly after former "Daily Show" anchor Craig Kilborn made a crude joke about her during an interview.

And last November, The Post learned that Unger was leaving the show when Brown - also a "Daily Show" correspondent - announced he was planning to exit the show.

At the time, Unger said he was hoping to land a network TV deal working with Brown.

6.15.99: Some of you may be in awe over the premiere of "The Man Show" on Comedy Central tomorrow night, but be aware: Lizz is not involved with that project. When it was a pilot on ABC, she was the consulting producer. At the time Comedy Central picked it up, she was already committed to Fox with the deal for the project tentatively titled "This Week Has Seven Days". Plus, "The Man Show" is based in L.A., where co-host Adam Corolla co-hosts "Loveline" on MTV. Lizz really didn't want to move to the West Coast, especially considering the Fox deal.
As for the Fox show, she tells me prodution on the pilot starts next week, and it will be announced in early fall if the show is picked up as a midseason replacement. In other words, don't look for it this summer, but soon.

4.9.99. Minor update today: Couple of items on "Snap Judgment" First, Court TV now has a place on its website dedicated to the show, access it here. Hear clips from the show, e-mail Lionel himself, and other stuff.
Also, Michele Greppi of The New York reviews Snap Judgment, click here to read it.
Also, I've done away with the "Blockrockinbeats" segment.
Finally, in late-night news, the same ol' story: Conan grows stronger, Craig grows weaker, the end.

4.1.99. Here is a brilliant interview with Lizz from Aaron Barnhart of TVBarn.com titled "Lizz Means Biz":

Lizz Winstead, whose take-no-prisoners approach to standup comedy won her numerous admirers and a chance to put her ideas into a nightly television product with "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central, has struck again. "Snap Judgment," a new nightly half hour on Court TV, features a New York radio personality named Lionel in a decidedly twisted take on the world of jurisprudence. Winstead was brought in to build it; in another week she'll be outta there, off to develop her comedy pilot for Fox with fellow "Daily Show" dropout Brian Unger.

To say that "Snap Judgment," which has a 39-week order, is a departure from the usual Court TV fare is putting it mildly. Even Court TV must be a little nervous about it; as of Thursday morning there was still no information about the show on the Court TV web site. (By the way, even though it is debuting on April Fools' Day, "Snap Judgment" -- and everything on this page below this paragraph -- are honest-to-gosh real.)

I must admit I skipped the press materials and just popped the preview tape into my VCR to listen to while I worked on other stuff. Within moments I was being subjected to the snarls of Lionel, going on and on about Rudy Giuliani, "the greatest mayor in the history of New York," and his decision to impound the cars of people who hadn't been convicted of drunk driving. My reaction was visceral: I wanted to smack this obnoxious jerk. That is, until I caught on. The pro-Rudy rant turned out to be satirical. And unlike a lot of heavy-attitude TV I watch these days, this one had a point buried underneath.

Lionel, whose real name is Mike Lebron, was once a trial lawyer in Tampa. On TV, he comes across as someone with the lone-gunman fury of Dennis Miller, but more focused -- and that's clearly the influence of Lizz Winstead. "Snap Judgment" will take advantage of the same open-courtroom laws Court TV uses in its daytime coverage. But what they choose to do with the videotape here will be decidedly different. Later in the first episode, Lionel carries on in very entertaining fashion abou; a motorcycle club's effort to get bikers added to Maine's human-rights amendment. Then he straightens his tie and gets down to brass tacks in a lively interview with the legislator backing the bill.

"Wait'll you see the interview we did with Bob Dornan," said Winstead, who spoke with TV Barn this week. "One of our topics was a guy in California who got lethal injection and it took him 15 minutes to die. It was a record. And of course we treated it like, you know, breaking the four-minute mile. So we beam in Dornan who proceeds to go on and on about torture and how criminals should be put in a cage inside a cage, like Hannibal Lecter, and then he starts going on about Eichmann, at which point we're saying, 'You're out of control.'"

There's also a segment for ridiculous court cases; tonight's involves two neighbors arguing over a loud stereo. And of course, the outtakes at the end, something "The Daily Show" has done from the beginning. Tonight's very unflattering footage of a jury pool (several of whom appear to be mouth-breathers) was taken by a "Snap Judgment" team roaming around New York City's lower courts.

Winstead said she was brought in because she knows Henry Schlieff, the new head of Court TV, and because it was the perfect concept for her. "I think they wanted somebody who will call people on their shit and in the law profession there's certainly a lot people who haven't been called on the carpet, from the Supreme Court to the people who file frivolous lawsuits," she said. "They know I like the little guy and that I think people feel totally fucked by the legal system."

But don't be led to believe Winstead is just going to keep recycling her one good Comedy Central idea. Though she prefers not to give details on her and Unger's upcoming Fox project, suffice it to say you may never look at "Dateline" the same way again.

"Our network show is going to be way different from 'The Daily Show' or this show. It's going to be more genre-oriented and more of us doing enterprising, creative stories and satirizing the way you put on a magazine show and the belief system that goes into signing off on all the shit that goes on the air instead of just shooting bizarre people and hammering celebrities." (A poke at the current "Daily Show" approach there, perhaps?)

"This show will be much more thought-provoking, more professional and larger," said Winstead. "And it'll have a real earnestness about itself."

What about A. Whitney Brown? He had told LATE SHOW NEWS last December that he wanted to work with Unger again.

"You'll see Whitney," Winstead promised. Can't wait.

3.31.99. Okay, as I'm sure you all know, tomorrow is the big day, when "Snap Judgment" premieres on Court TV at 7:30 p.m., and will air Monday-Thursday at the same time thereafter. I've checked Court TV's website; they have yet to have a special section for the show, but it shall come soon.

Meanwhile, Kilborn's new show started last night, and of course, I've neglected to see it, but from what I've heard, well... can you say, "Magic Johnson"?

Anyway, here's an excerpt from an interview with that pusbucket from C.J. of The Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

While Kilborn says Minnesota accents "drive me up the wall," he's very proud to be from the same state as Peter Graves, Louie Anderson, Jessica Lange, Bob Dylan, Kevin McHale. But he neglected to mention my buddy Lizz Winstead, co-creator of the "Daily Show." Asked whether they exchange holiday cards, Kilborn cheerfully said, "We had fun when we worked together." Ahhhh, that's not exactly true. "Don't believe everything you read. You're better than that," chided Kilborn. "Without the 'Daily Show' I could not have gotten what I consider a dream job." After the camera stopped rolling, Kilborn said: "What are you bringing up Lizz for; you trying to create controversy?" Nope, Craig, you did that in the January 1998 Esquire by making an offensive sexual joke about Winstead and other women on "DS." I think he's grown since then, but only future magazine articles can say for sure.

Wait, forget Magic... can you say "Chevy Chase"?

Better yet, feast your eyes on this segment I conceived, called The Evolution of Failed Late Night Talk Show Hosts.

3.26.99. Okay, a few this-and-thats:

First off, it's not too long before the premiere of "Snap Judgment" on Court TV, of which Lizz will be producing (see below).

Due in part to "Snap Judgment" and other projects she has, I am going to kill the "Keep Lizz On The Air" segment real soon. It just wouldn't make sense if I kept it there. The quotes segment might go, too, who knows? hell, I might do a whole makeover on this site, we'll see...

Today, I did some searching on the search engines for some Lizz stuff. Trust me, it's not easy: nearly half of the hits are all lame quote compilations, all of which list Lizz's "I think, therefore, I'm single" quip. But occasionally and quite often, most of these searches are quite productive... especially this one:

First, I was led to a picture of Lizz with some woman named Sara at the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas. I learned it was part of a series called "Going Places" for PBS. Now, to me, PBS is like a basic cable channel that's there but I pay no mind to, like The Learning Channel. So, I normally don't keep track with what's on PBS, so check your local listings and see if it's airing again. Oh yeah, the picture: click here to see it.

Next, I've finally got a picture of Lizz's prom with that swell fellow Chris Larson from back in 1997, courtesy of his cool page. I posted it right at the top of the prom page, check it out.

Also, I've learned that last June, Lizz hosted something called the Women of Power and Influence Awards. This from NOWNYC.org:

NOW-NYC member Mary Schroeder said of the event "It was a really fun evening. Lizz Winstead was hilarious. It was great to see these women get recognition for their achievements."

Winners included former Glamour magazine editor Ruth Whitney. Here is a group picture of Lizz and some of the winners. She's second from left.

Also from NOWNYC.org: Lizz signed something not too long ago called the "Stop The Inquisition" petition to stop the impeachment of President Clinton. Click here to read more about it.

Finally, I think you'll like this find the best: So I've been telling you about this project Lizz has done for VH-1 about some Gary Numan cover band (because, of course, she told me about it). I recently reported that the pilot wouldn't be airing on VH-1 for awhile, as it's being "retooled". But here's something to tie you over until then: I found a site that has exclusive pictures of that Gary Numan cover band from that particular night! They're called "The Numan Principle", and you can see the pictures on this page. Best of all, this would be a great chance for most of you to see her NEW hairdo!

3.12.99. Well, I certainly had a fine talk with Lizz today...

Here's what I've learned: She will be the executive producer of Court TV's new series "Snap Judgment", a humorous take on court cases. It will be hosted by Lionel, who was most recently a talk-show host on WABC Radio in New York. It premieres on Thursday, April 1st at 7:30 pm, and will subsequently air Mondays through Thursdays at that same time. (By the way, I had contacted her at her office at "Snap Judgment".)

I also have a few tidbits on the Fox pilot: It will be called "This Week Has Seven Days" (not to be confused with ABC's Sunday newsmagazine "This Week" or UPN's sci-fi drama "7 Days"). Brian Unger will host, and Lizz and Brian will be executive producers. A premiere date has not been set. (For more on this story, read the New York Post article below.)

As for the VH-1 project, which is called "Rock N' Roll Record Breakers", Lizz said that that pilot was in the "retooling" process, and that doesn't have a premiere date, either.

On the stand-up front, Lizz told me she was finally contacted by someone on behalf of the Toyota Comedy Festival, the annual stand-up fest in New York. She said they must have "finally caught on", and if she's not too busy with the aforementioned projects, she might be available for that event. It usually takes place in June.

3.9.99. This article is from the March 9 edition of the New York Post, which I had to type word-for-word because they didn't have it on their own website (little fuckerz) but dammit, I'm proud to bring you the rest of this news...

Hot comedy team on merry-go-round
By Don Kaplan

Fox is in talks to hire the co-creator of Comedy Central's hit "Daily Show" to develop a new parody of network news magazines.
Lizz Winstead, who helped to develop the "Daily Show", and Brian Unger, one of its former correspondents, may launch the show possibly by next summer, a source close to the project said.
A. Whitney Brown, another "Daily Show" alumnus, may also be joining the show, The Post has learned.
As reported last July, Winstead and Unger had been in talks with UPN to develop the show.
Now, Fox's new Entertainment chief Doug Herzog has lured the pair away, according to a report in Electronic Media, an industry trade magazine.
Winstead, Unger and Brown could not be reached for comment.
Herzog was instrumental to developing the "Daily Show" when he was president of Comedy Central.
He originally hired Winstead and "Daily Show" executive producer Madeleine Smithberg to create the show after the network learned it was going to lose "Politically Incorrect" to ABC.
Herzog was not available for comment.
Last year, Winstead left Comedy Central shortly after former "Daily Show" anchor Craig Kilborn made a crude joke during an interview. He said that despite their artistic differences, if Kilborn wanted, Winstead would perform oral sex on him.
Meanwhile, last November, The Post learned that Unger was leaving the show when Brown - also a "Daily Show" correspondent - announced he was planning to exit the show.
At the time, Unger said he was hoping to land a network TV deal working with Brown.

Remember, you heard about the Fox deal first, here at LIZZLAND!

It's amazing how much class Doug Herzog has. I mean, when I first started this site, I sent a letter to the entertainment programming chiefs of all six networks at the time (as mentioned in the "Keep Lizz On The Air" segment of this site). Then, Herzog comes along to Fox, replacing Peter Roth, and then - without a letter from me - decides to sign Lizz to a contract. That's how cool this guy is, and he knows it.

2.16.99. I have news from an inside source that Lizz has a pilot with Brian Unger for the Fox network. As Lizz describes it, it is "a weekly topical look at the worlds events, exposing the newsmagazine format as being pablam and irrelevent". She also added that she hopes it becomes a regular series. (same here.)

Also, I have failed to mention this, but February 13 was the one-year anniversary of LIZZLAND! And no doubt we're going to be bigger and better than ever come year two! (You'll see what I mean pretty soon...)

By the way, those embedded WAV files that were in some pages on this site, including this here main page? They're gone. No more computer crashes. (:

1.11.99. First, I'm sure you're aware that Jon Stewart is the new host of "The Daily Show". I recommend that you watch the new "Daily" regularly. It's perfectly okay, really. Although Lizz still isn't the head writer, keep in mind that she was one of the producers of Jon's syndicated late-night series back in 1994. But still, I'd like to see bigger and greater feedback to the new "Daily" than before. (UPDATE 1/18/99: The New York Daily News reports today that for the first week since Jon took over, "The Daily Show" had its highest weekly average in history! That's what I like to see! Keep up the good work!) I really want to see this Kilborn fellow go down real bad. Which brings me to my next note: As you may also be aware of, Kilborn will be taking over Tom Snyder on the CBS "Late, Late Show". So here's what I want you to do: WATCH CONAN! I would like to see Conan get the biggest ratings of his career, and make Kilborn look like Chevy Chase! Now, I may have mentioned in the past the fact that Conan featured many stand-up comedians on his show, with the exception of Lizz, and that was one of the reasons why I refrained from watching it, but no more. If you all want to see Kilborn go down as much as I do, just do those two things. And no, this is not a boycott like last time (that idea of mine was inane as well as insane), these are just kind thoughts from the webmaster that I would invite you to take into consideration. Okay, this rant is done, go pick up Galmour, and come back soon.

12.10.98. I was lucky enough to receive an e-mail or two from a woman named Lynnette, who claims she is a friend of one of Lizz's sisters, Linda. "Even she doesn't always know what her sister is up to," she writes. (Hey, I try.) At the time she had e-mailed me, she informed me that Lizz was in London, supposedly for a fund-raiser, though she said she wasn't quite sure, but she said Pete Townshend was scheduled to be where she was. She also said Lizz is developing a sitcom with Whoopi Goldberg (now seen on TV's "Hollywood Squares"), which will also include Brian Unger, who just left "The Daily Show". (Lizz and Brian have been discussing developing some show together for months.) One final note from Lynnette: She said Lizz might host a show on VH1, having to do with "broken musical records". My guess was her being the new host of "Women First". Well, whatever, just a little update to let you know that while Lizz might be gone from the mainstream right now, expect her to return sometime soon. And thanks for the wonderful info, Lynnette!

11.12.98. I've just gotten back from the symposium at Caroline's today which Lizz moderated. So, of course, I go up to her after it was over for some details. She confirmed Lynnette's news about a special on VH1 in which she was involved, but it will not be about "broken musical records", which is the ifno Lynnette had given me. When I brought it up to Lizz, she said that was the case at first, but it seems now that her VH1 project will focus on wacky musical acts or something. From what she told me, she was recently in London to get footage of a Gary Numan cover band. (Numan, if you recall, sang the great 80's ballad "Cars".) "Out of control", Lizz said about that. Also, I mentioned what was up with the deal with Whoopi. She said the deal, which is with UPN, is on hold, but according to her, she doesn't think it'll go through, due to bad vibes about the future of UPN. And finally, next time you see Lizz, expect a dark-blondish coif now. That's right, she's changed her hair! You heard it here first! :)

By the way, I forgot to mention this, but while I was talking Whoopi with Lizz, the thought of her appearing on Whoopi's "Hollywood Squares" crossed my mind. So I asked, and she assured me that she would be there real soon. So do look for that as well.

The Marshall's Women in Comedy Festival (FYI - Marshall's is a department store chain) did a brilliant bio piece on Lizz. Here it is, copied and pasted from that website:

In the past few years, Lizz Winstead has emerged as perhaps the top female political comic working today. As a co-creator and former head writer of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Winstead has now emerged as a writer and producer who has brought fresh new ideas to television. She has also created, executive produced, and starred in the critically acclaimed and highly rated special, Unauthorized Biography: Milo, Death of a Supermodel. Lizz also used her biting wit by segment producing The Jon Stewart Show and Comedy Central's Women Aloud. But it was her one-person shows, Don't Get Me Started and Stream of Consciousness that put her on the political humor map. She was nominated Best Female Club Performer by the American Comedy Awards and has appeared numerous times on television including HBO's Women of the Night.

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