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  As always, I've been inviting you to send me your e-mails and tell me what you think of LIZZLAND, what should be added, what should be changed, and so forth. So as a public service, I have taken the opportunity to reprint selected e-mails on this page. These are e-mails which show a significant life of intelligence on the mailers' behalf, and of course, the inevitable hate mail.

The first stack of e-mails deal with something that has proven to be a problem to many who viewed this site. See, when this site first started, I was using the following GIF as wallpaper to most of the pages in this site:

And for the first few weeks since its initial kick-off, the pages within this website were smitten with that above image all over the background of the pages. Well, I wasn't sure what the response would be, but the masses sure were pissed:

Thanks for the site it was great except for the background. You cant make out anything with Liz Winstead wall paper. Please change it. BW (

You have a lot of good content but it is very difficult to see your links with the type of wallpaper and backgrounds you are using. The toolbar especially. you may want to consider an alternative: a solid color or faded background.

Just a thought,

L.H.F. (

Well, I finally gave in, and listened to you, the cyber-surfer, rather than fear a collective abandonment of my site. There! All gone! The wallpaper is no more!

Now, every once in a while, I might get a super e-mail from you, just telling me how totally cool this site was designed, like the following from Lolita007:

As if it needs to be said, GREAT Winstead page you have here. Really phenomenal. And definitely necessary considering the paucity of Winstead sites disproportionate to those of Kilborn sites. You must have a cast of thousands running shop:) I doubt that even Winstead herself could run a better web site. Keep up the good work!

Just another amazed Winstead fan... (

I received this mail in late April from Leigh Anne Wilson, about the prom segment:

This is a great website- I've enjoyed reading about Lizz. She's a very intelligent and witty woman, and I look forward to seeing her in future projects. It's unfortunate that she felt forced to resign from a show she created. I've noticed that it's an all male writing staff now, and it's not as funny as it used to be. Not that men aren't funny, they are, but Lizz was clearly a cut above the rest. I'm sorry I missed the prom segment- it sounds hilarious, and I'd love to hear some of those Kilborn horror stories her date mentioned- I'm surprised Kilborn even went.
Keep up the good work
Leigh Anne (

And here's an e-mail from Nicholas Johnston titled "HTML Hell"... (though I argued with myself over whether or not it should be strewn into my hate-mail bag):

Your LIZZLAND site is unarguably one of the worst sites I have ever seen. Please, for the love of god, read a style guide and get rid of some of those damn banners so the next person who stumbles through looking for info on Kilborn (the greatest man on TV) isn't subjected to 10 minutes of purgatory while your pages loads.

Just a thought;
Keep watching the Daily. (

Just recently after receiving this letter, I have moved banners that usually were on the top of the page, and moved them to the bottom, with the rest of the banners. This way, the content of the pages load easier and a bit faster. If you want to find out why I have so many banners up, click here. It's a question in our FAQ.

Yet another borderline mail from Brad Bailey:

Understand first that I am a big supporter and avid follower of Lizz Winstead's; I would not have landed on your "Lizzland" site if I wasn't interested in finding out why she disappeared from The Daily Show, and what her next projects might be, and getting more information about her previous work, background, philosophies, etc.
She is truly a gem, and her kind of literate, deft, wry, back-handing humor is altogether too rare out there in the Vast Wasteland.
However, my interest in seeing her reach a larger audience compels me to say that in several respects, your website does her some disservice.
First, the Lady -- being YOU -- doth "defend" too much. A casual reader might leave with either the impression that you are the only thing standing between Your Beloved Lizz and her eternal anonymity -- or, worse for you, but better for Winstead, they might leave your site with the impression that you were LABORING under such an false impression of yourself. And by acting like there's some kind of major emergency where no such emergency exists, you are actually helping to create one.
The "Lizzland FAQ" is the worst offender in this category, as by recreating in great detail how This Wondrous Website Came To Be, it leaves the impression that the single finest thing to ever happen to Lizz Winstead in the history of the known universe was that, like some kind of electronic Sally Struthers, you came to her rescue.
It's like you're trying to run some kind of sheltered workshop for Winstead here, and it thus implies she is some kind of hopeless cripple. You are, in essence, defending her to death.
Then there's the business with Craig and "Hellfire," and so on. Yeesh. You are in effect working as hard to increase his name recognition by stridently whining about him as you are to "help" Winstead where no help is necessary, and are reducing a rather complex little internecine imbroglio to schoolyardish "He said a nasty thing about my poor defenseless Lizz!"
I can't read Winstead's mind, but based on what I've seen of her comedy and broad, liberal, rough-house-fearless approach to words, and sticks, and stones, the problem was not so much what he said -- which was merely boorish and sophomoric-- as it was a matter of realizing that it would be impossible for her to continue to work with the kind of childish egomaniac that would say it, or that would actually believe it was funny, or would actually believe that the Daily Show needed more of that kind of frat-crappery, rather than less.
The other thing that is obvious to anyone who has read the published "blow job" statement is that nobody needs to worry about making sure that Craig is "punished;" anybody cavalierly stupid enough to say something that fatuous about the woman responsible for ALL of his success is gonna wind up in Palookaville sooner or later all on his own. Back when Winstead was writing his material, I and many others were able to continue believing that Craig was actually doing a parody of a particular type, which was funny.
Without her doing the writing, though, one soon realizes that Kilbourne really IS that "particular type," and from that point on, he becomes repugnant and worthy of no further attention -- yet you keep heaping attention upon him.
He is not the anti-Christ; he just a self-absorbed, preening, low-wattage pretty-boy. Quit helping him by aggrandizing him as evil, when in fact he's just a doofus, headed for history's version of "Gilligan's Island".
Just straightforwardly state the facts about the He Said/Winn-fled business without all your wounded outraged bleatings. Quote the funny insightful stuff she's written; if you don't have enough of it to fill the site, either go get some more, or make the photos bigger, or just make it a smaller site.
Keep us apprised of her whereabouts, and advise us of any developments towards her getting a larger audience and a better forum.
I imagine she appreciates your heartfelt effort; any writer or comedian or social critic would be gratified to know she has an ardent following. But I also imagine she cringes somewhat at the form it has taken. I also want it understood here that I am writing this not to poke fun at you or dampen your enthusiasm. It takes a lot of courage to go on-line with a website because it puts you up in a visible where people can throw rocks at you. I didn't write this to throw rocks at you personally but in the hope that maybe you'll consider some of my comments as you fine tune your website.
Lizz for the Masses is a worthy and laudable enterprise, but not if it shoots her in the foot.
Brad Bailey

I agree with you that one day Lizz will get the following that she deserves, just like other comedians such as Seinfeld, Romano and Leary, to name a few. They would be nowhere, had they no HBO comedy specials or sitcoms or feature films. But until the day when Lizz embarks on her first major project, the best I can offer is LIZZLAND. And while I know some might send me hate mail and try to get me down, I never let those who think I am going too far and/or believe I'm trying to distort her reputation get the best of me. I just tell them, that's not the purpose of LIZZLAND. This is only a fan site. KOAM.COM is an example of an excellent fan site. The guy who runs the site is a huge Howard Stern fan, yet he manages his site, day in and day out, without distorting Howard's image... just like this website is not meant to distort Lizz's image. If Lizz really had a problem with this site, she would instruct me on way I can change this website, if in fact, it had something that perturbed her, or the other option, which would be to discontinue it. I don't plan on discontinuing this website for any reason other than I'll be moving out of the country and not coming back. But while I'm here, my mission in cyberspace is to bring you up-to-date on what's happening with Lizz. That's really all LIZZLAND is about. So don't come at me saying I'm trying to milk faint praise for her (btw this e-mail was titled "Faint Praise"). We are here for Lizz Winstead's fans, now and forever.

This mail comes from Ward Smith:

I am but a lowly, obscure comedian. I have been at it for about 10 years and remember seeing Lizz when I was working in the Miny Apple. CAn't remember the club, but Lizz did a guest set the night I was booked killed. I had to follow her-which was tough. As she fully knows, Lutheran's don't give it up too easily. My folks are from St.Paul and went to U of M too. Dad started at WCCO.

Anyway, since that time i have alwas held her in the highest regards as a true original.
When i saw her name in the credits of the Daily Show I thought, "Wow" I only know of one LW and the show as been a fav. Well, up until that whole thing with Greg what's his name. Nother tip. My ex-wife's agent -Lou Oppenheim used to be Gregs agent in the ESPN days and comfirms what a truue prick he is. All the best to Madame Lizz

(Another message, same guy, sent exactly one minute later...)

I"m such a dope. I forgot to mention that MILO was brilliant!!

Perhaps the most enlightening e-mail I've received yet comes from a fellow named Steven Gormley:

Finally Lizz Winstead is generating the following she deserves. It was a pleasure going to Lizzland. I must confess Lizz Winstead and I have been dear friends for nearly 10 years. I met her during her days as a young comic in New York. She is exceptionally talented and an equally exceptional human being. She has handled herself and her career with grace and strength. Please let me know how you became fans and let me know how I can learn more about you. Thanks-

Steve (

At this point she's working on a few projects. Until they surface, this website is the best I can do to keep up the spirit of her followers. And, hey, if she gets a sitcom or a movie, imagine how the following will grow!

Of course, not ALL the mail I receive in response to this site is on the plus side...

Here is an e-mail from Buddy Cohen that really made my day. Though I must warn you, the contents are vile and gut-wrenching. Please get the Alka-Seltzer and Tums ready BEFORE you ready this utter excuse for an e-mail:

ya know... i like lizz winstead. she's funny. she's a good writer. she's from my home town.

i have one question. does she know about this website? i mean, did she have anything whatsoever to do with this site?

i gotta tell ya. it's horrible. designed and written by rank amatuers. she deserves much better.

the "why she left the daily show" piece is totally embarrasing. i kind of get the feeling that the person responsible for this website is either a stalker or desperately in need of a life.

lizz is a very talented woman. she'll do just fine. she does not need this's pitiful.

sorry...i don't mean to be nasty. it's business...not personal. i don't know you...but hey, you could be a little hipper couldnt you? talk to a designer or something. (

Well, thank you, Buddy, I'm flattered. Going to great lengths such as putting down myself and my reputation in order to get to your point. I suggest that next time, before you write me, you either A) buy a new keyboard equipped with a "SHIFT" key, or B) take up a computer class to teach you how to use the "SHIFT" key. I cannot match the wavelengths of those that prefer to type in all lower-case.

Buddy, if you're reading this, and in case you couldn't understand my response, I'm going to rephrase it in a language you can understand:

i think youre a jerk

And the hate mails just keep on coming...

"Eric B." (any relation to the hip-hop duo Eric B. and Rakim, perhaps?) has this drivel to deliver...

A Lizz Winstead fan?

Your joking right?

Or you are Lizz probably...

I have news for you. Lizz is a Cunt, and Kilborn is a dick. They were a perfect team. Thank God we don't have to sit thru those sorry ass Jeapordy questions from her mom anymore...

P.S. Lucien says Hi...(

No, I am NOT Lizz herself. Mind you, Lizz has probably more important things to do right now to get back into the media rather than run a site about herself and do nothing.

And while I agree Kilborn is a dick for what he did, there is no sense in calling Lizz a "Cunt" (nonetheless adding more insult to injury by capitalizing the word!). She is going through tough times, and I'm sure she'd be pleased as punch to see your e-mail, Eric.

As for the Jeopardy (excuse me, "Jeapordy") questions bit that ran for a year, it proved that you can work your family into the atmosphere of the production of your show in one way or another, and have fun in the process.

And who is Lucien, anyway?

At any rate, maybe this e-mail was meant to force me to mouth off at this guy, but I realize why this e-mail was sent to me at such a specific time of year.

It was sent on April 1st.

That's right, April Fool's Day.


In the meantime, for anybody else with a higher I.Q. and could actually understand and appreciate Lizz Winstead (unlike those poor excuses for a human being above), feel free to send me your thoughts at:

And now, before they spontaneously disappear, submissions to out very own LIZZLAND Message Board:

Subject: Lizzland is Kilber... er...Killer!! - RST (

What a nice surprise to find a site dedicated to such a brilliant woman. She will be sorely missed at TDS (as will Ginny) but I'm sure there is plenty left to be heard from her.

I have to be honest with you though, now that the dust has settled on the whole "himbo" remarks thing, I wonder if Lizz took the CK remarks too seriously. Is it a possibility that he was just extending the smug nature of the "character" of haughty news reader. Some say Craig is like this in real life, but I don't think it matters. From the minute I read the article, I assumed it was tongue-in-cheek.

Why is it that the most brilliant and edgy comedy writers are so hyper-sensitive when they are the subject of what was clearly a joke.

Say what you want about Craiggers, it's pretty clear he is irreplaceable, and after a rough couple of weeks, TDS has recovered. Come back Lizz.

I think she would have responded better if similar remarks were made about her by a woman.

Stop Craig Kilborn!
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